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Our Whiskies


Gaelic uisge beatha - "water of life".

At Number One High Street we stock an extensive range of specially selected whiskies from across Scotland, reflecting the diversity of single malts, single cask malts, vatted malts, blended and grain whiskies.

Whether you are a local or just visiting, our bar-staff can advise you on finding a whisky to suit your tastes.

Whisky has been distilled in Scotland for hundreds of years. The origins of the practice are disputed - some say that it was introduced by missionary monks from Ireland, others suggest that Crusader Knights brought the techniques back from Arabia, or perhaps it was just a way of using barley which would otherwise have been wasted after a wet harvest.

Whatever the origins, there can be no dispute over the world-wide popularity of Scotland's national drink!

Scotland produces two main types of whisky - malt whisky and grain whisky, and all available brands and varieties are variations of these types. Malt whiskies are made from malted barley using a pot still, whereas grain whiskies are made from maize or unmalted barley in a patent still. It is relatively straightforward to distinguish between the two types by taste and smell.

However when geography is taken into account the variety of tastes can confound even very experienced whisky drinkers. Distilleries use the local ingredients to hand to produce their whiskies, and the quality of the water and other ingredients allied to the local climate and geology produce a vast variety of differing tastes and aromas.

Malt Whiskies at Number One High Street Edinburgh


Historic excise legislation stated that Highland malts are distilled north in a line from Greenock on the Firth of Clyde to Dundee on the Firth of Tay.

Dalmore 12yr £4.85
Rich, flavourful, orange marmalade.
After dinner. abv 40%

Edradour 10yr £4.75
Rum, barley and toasted almonds
with a spiced fruit cake to finish. abv

Dalmore 15yr £6.50
Matured in Matusalem, Apostoles and
Amoroso sherry casks, hints of winter
spice, orange zest and chocolate notes.
abv 40%

Dalwhinnie 15yr £5.75
Flavours of heather, honey and vanilla,
finishing with a surprising intensity.
abv 43%

Deanston 12yr £4.50
Light zesty barley flavour on the nose,
with a soft caramel finish. abv 46.3%

Glengoyne 10yr £4.35
Easily drinkable, but full of flavour.
Restorative. abv 40%

Glengoyne 15yr £5.95
Complex, sweet and rounded – with a
spicy oak finish. abv 43%

Tomatin 12yr £4.35
Soft, warm and sprinkled with
nutmeg. abv 40%

Glenmorangie £4.75
Original 10yr
A clear, bright malt whisky
characterised by hints of oak, apple
with a long clean finish. abv 40%

Oban 14yr £4.95
A well balanced, firm bodied whisky,
slightly smoky and smooth finish. abv

Old Pulteney 12yr £3.95
Fresh, salty, appetising. Pre-dinner. abv


More than half of all Scottish distilleries are based in Speyside, in the north-east of Scotland. Many whisky lovers say it is THE region and is to Malt as Cognac is to Brandy!

Cardhu 12yr £4.95
Well balanced and gentle with streaks
of smoke and pears, soft peated and
smooth with a long malty touch of
peat to finish. abv 40%

Knockando 12yr £4.55
Light and nutty with a touch of milk
chocolate in the mid-palate. Soft, easy
and ultra-clean with a crisp, short and
dry finish. abv 43%

Macallan 1824 Gold £4.95
A quiet note of vanilla is followed by
dark chocolate with lingering floral
and light oak notes. abv 40%

Balvenie 12yr £4.45
A full-bodied, yet smooth and mellow
single malt. abv 40%

Balvenie £7.95
Caribbean Rum Cask 14yr
A balanced whisky with tropical fruit
aroma and vanilla finish. abv 43%

Glenrothes 2001 £6.25
Cereal notes, warm and malty, with
suggestions of orange, cherry and
caramel underneath. abv 43%

Glenrothes 1995 £6.95
Soft oak spices with butterscotch,
milk chocolate and toffee notes.
abv 43%

Linkwood 12yr £6.95
Dark spice and strawberries abound
this 12 year old from the Linkwood
distillery. abv 43%

Speyburn 10yr £3.95
Fresh, clean and aromatic with a rich
lemony fruitiness. Medium-bodied
with a delicate, fruity character, a dry,
warm, peaty finish. abv 40%

Royal Lochnagar 12yr £5.25
A quiet note of vanilla is followed by
dark chocolate with lingering floral
and light oak notes. abv 40%

The Glenlivet 12yr £3.95
This has a firm smooth body, with a
flowery, sweet palate and a dry
appetising finish. abv 40%

Cragganmore 12yr £4.45
Elegant and sophisticated, with the
most complex aromas of any malt.
Fragrant with sweet undertones. The
finish is very smoky. abv 40%

Glenfarclas 10yr £4.25
Robust, deep and fruity with lovely
rich oaky notes. abv 40%

Glenfarclas 15yr £5.95
Christmas cake, powerful sherry with
a walnut finish. abv 46%

Glenfarclas 105 £6.95
Cask strength, creamy and nutty on
the nose, peppery oak with a long
fruity finish. abv 60%

Glenfiddich 12yr £4.45
The special reserve has a fruity aroma,
with a dry smoky taste. abv 40%

Glenfiddich 15yr £5.95 Solera
Elegantly smooth with a deep flavour
revealing fruit, gentle spice and a
touch of oak. abv 40%


Known to be more mellow than their Highland counterparts,regarded as an excellent aperitif - but of course can be drunk at any time!

Auchentoshan 12yr £4.45
Distilled on the banks of the Clyde
near Glasgow, this 12 year old
is light and citrusy. Great aperitif
abv 40%

Auchentoshan 3 wood £5.95
Treacle, chewy wood and toffee notes
all add up to Black Forest Gateau.
abv 43%

Glenkinchie 12yr £4.95
Known as the “Edinburgh Malt” this
local distillery produces a delightful
whisky with a flowery start, complex
flavours and a dry finish. A restorative,
especially after a walk in the hills or up
the High Street!. abv 43%


The historic whisky capital of Scotland, Campbeltown lies near the southern tip of the remote Kintyre peninsula in Argyllshire on the west coast. Once having twenty eight distilleries it now has three and Springbank is our favorite, it is the oldest independent family owned distillery in Scotland.

Springbank 10yr £4.95
The 10yr old is a complex and full bodied whisky abv 46%

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