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Deluxe Whisky 

Dewar’s Signature £14.95

Top of the range deluxe from John Dewar and Sons, contains selected malts from each of the traditional
whisky regions. At the heart of the blend is the 27 year old single malt from Aberfeldy. Berry fruits on the
nose, fresh vanilla and fudge taste with a smoky, honey finish. abv 43%

Older and Rarer

Highland Park 18yr £12.95
Gentle peat, soft toffee, floral notes
and honey on the beautifully fragrant
nose. abv 43%

Highland Park 25yr £17.95
A balance of honey with rich fruit and
Orcadian peatiness. abv 53.5%

Lagavulin-14yr 1995 £12.95
Distilled at Lagavulin, bottled for The Syndicate at Bruichladdich Distillery abv 49%. The Syndicate is a group of whisky aficionados with a passion for the best in single malts.
Distilled in 1990 and aged for 14 years this is a very rare, rich and full bodied whisky.

Lagavulin-13yr 1984 £13.95
Distilled at Lagavulin Distillery, bottled for The Syndicate.
This ultra-rare offering from the Syndicate is a must-try for Lagavulin fans. Only a few remain! abv 49%

Old Pulteney 17yr £7.50
Full bodied with a sweet trace of apples
and pears, long lasting memorable finish
abv 46%

Glen Turret 29yr 1977 £19.95
Very rare vintage Highland malt from
Glenturret, distilled in 1977 and
bottled October 5th, 2006. One of
only 246 bottles. abv 55.6%

Bruichladdich Octomore
Comus 4.2 £7.95
Finished in Sauternes casks, this rare
whisky has a cult following -
sweet and peaty. abv 61%

Glenfarclas 21yr £9.95
Tropical fruit on the nose,
smokey and spicy flavor with a burst of
nutmeg and vanilla. abv 43%

Glenfarclas 25yr £12.95
Coffee and marmalade aroma, sherry
flavoured with an intense Belgian
chocolate finish at the back of the
throat. abv 43%

Glenfarclas 30yr £15.95
Did Santa ever have a summer job at
this distillery? With sherry, cognac,
brandy, fruit, nuts, marzipan, chocolate
and icing, it's Christmas in a glass. A
must try. abv 43%

Macallan 10yr £7.95
1990's classic sherry cask - a very rare
malt. abv 40%

Macallan 18yr 1983 £12.50
Sherry wood cask from this legendary
Speysider. abv 43%

Macallan 1824 Ruby £15.95
Sherry cask, rich wedding cake
and espresso with a hint of clove
and walnut. abv 43%

Macallan 1961 £24.95
Bottled in the 1980s this is a stunning
rare Macallan. abv 46%

Glengoyne 21yr £13.25
A golden unpeated malt wonderfully
smooth with a fruity finish. abv 43%

Glenfiddich 21yr £14.25
Becoming increasingly hard to find, this
whisky has been finished in casks used
previously to age Caribbean rum.
Fruitcake, spices, vanilla and oak make
this a classic. abv 40%

Glenfiddich Glenlivet 1979 12yr £14.95
Distilled in 1979 and bottled in 1992
by world famous Cadenhead of
Campbeltown. It is very rare to find a
Glenfiddich bottled anywhere outside
Speyside, especially with Glenlivet
attributed to the name, cask strength
a whopping abv 58.6%. abv 58.6%

Glenfiddich 1973 33yr £65
Delightful and very rare Glenfiddich
a true taste of Speyside history. abv 46.5%

Strathmill Cask
Strength 1980 £7.50
Bottle no. 151 from cask 3429
abv 60.5%

Glen Grant 40 yr 1959 £29.95
Classic Speyside malt distilled in 1959
and bottled by Gordon and
Macphail in 1999. abv 40%

Bowmore 38yr 1957 £175
An outstanding and highly rare
Bowmore, distilled 14th January 1957
and housed at the famous number one
vault at the distillery. abv 40%
Now retailing for £6000 per bottle, a
chance to taste Scottish whisky history!



Known as the Whisky Island, Islay produces the peaty, medicinal - and some say most fashionable and popular - malts in the world

Smokehead £4.95
A wonderful peaty, spicy and salty single
malt. abv 43%

Caol Ila 12yr £4.75
(pronounced - cull-eela) Oily, olive-like.
A wonderful aperitif. abv 43%

Lagavulin 16yr £6.25
See our Older and Rarer list if you like
Lagavulin. Firm bodied with a sweet
fruity palate and a dominating aroma.
abv 43%

Bruichladdich £5.75
The Classic Laddie,
Classic unpeated style made with 100%
Scottish barley. Matured in American
oak casks. abv 50%

Laphroaig 10yr £4.45
From the Isle of Islay this robust, full
bodied classic has a round and very dry
finish. abv 40%

Laphroaig Quarter Cask £5.95
Finished in a quarter cask for seven
months, medicinal medium length finish,
becomes fruity with custard and cigar
box. abv 48%

Bunnahabhain 12yr £5.25
Unchillfiltered (pronounced
boonahabbin) This is a fresh, light
mellow whisky with a soft smooth
flavour. abv 46.3%

Bunnahabhain 18yr £8.50
Dense, rich sherried notes perked up
with a coastal saltiness. On a second
wave roast chestnuts emerge and gentle
wood spice. abv 46.3%

Ardbeg 10yr £5.25
Unchillfiltered earthy, smoky, salty,
robust. A bedtime malt. abv 46%

Bowmore 12yr £4.45
A warm amber colour with a peat smoke
and dark chocolate taste to the palate.
abv 40%

Bowmore Darkest 15yr £7.30
Well-balanced nose is surprising by its
hints of burned tyres. abv 43%



From Orkney Islands in the North of Scotland to those scattered round the Highlands and down the west coast.

Arran 10yr (Arran) £4.75
This 10 year old from Lochranza exudes all
the honeyed richness we have come to
associate with the island distillery. abv 46%

Highland Park 12yr £4.95
Isle of Orkney, this is a medium bodied
malt with a smoky aroma & sweet notes.
abv 40%

Highland Park Dark Origins (Orkney) £7.95
Enduring sweet smoke, sherried spice
and ripe bananas. abv 46.8%

Isle of Jura (Jura) 10yr £3.95
This whisky has a light oily body with a
malty sweet palate and very dry finish.
abv 40%

Isle of Jura 16yr (Jura) £5.95
Lightly smoked with a sweet zesty
aroma. abv 40%

Jura superstition (Jura) £5.25
With 13% heavily peated malt this is the
smokier alternative from Jura. abv 43%

Ledaig (Mull) 10yr £4.85
Faint peat, minty, sweet. Restorative.
Scapa 16 40 £7.95 A refined elegant malt
with notes of heather and honey. abv 43%

Talisker (Skye) 10yr £5.25
A classic malt hailing from the Isle of Skye.
A smoky nose and an intense robust
flavour. abv 45.8%

Tobermory 10yr (Mull) £3.95
Light and fresh to the nose, hints of soft
oak and toasted cereal,
long herbal finish with a touch of pepper.
abv 46%

Tobermory 16yr (Mull) £7.95
Dessert option - Creamy, honeyed
flavour and sweet pepper spices.
abv 46%

Scapa 16yr (Orkney) £7.95

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